NFT Art, a new field of victory in the future
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NFT Art, a new field of victory in the future


Recently, the phenomenon of NFT or non-fungible tokens has spread widely and caught the attention of the market. This is due to the large number of NFTs that are sold at high prices. One of the most interesting NFTs is the art of NFT.

What is NFT art?
NFT Art is an NFT that focuses on the world of fine arts. NFT is a painting that is converted to a digital format. By converting a painting to NFT, the painting is stored in the owner’s or buyer’s personal wallet. Paintings converted to NFT may or may not materialize.
Keduanya terhubung ke alamat NFT, sehingga tetap dapat diandalkan. Alamat ini memudahkan untuk mengidentifikasi duplikat karena alamatnya berbeda. Jika lukisan itu dalam bentuk aslinya, transaksi dalam bentuk asli lukisan itu akan terjadi pada saat yang sama. Namun, versi NFT membuat tangan Anda bergerak lebih cepat dari cat yang sebenarnya.

Please note that in the NFT art category, not only paintings, but also photographs and drawings can be used as NFTs. One type of NFT art can contain multiple quantities of NFTs, depending on the decision maker and seller.

There are many other factors that influence the high price of NFT. Some of the non-art factors are artists and marketing.

Most Expensive NFT ART
The most expensive NFT art ever sold was an NFT by an artist named Beeple. The NFT Award was sold for about $ 69 million under the name Everyday: The First 5,000 Days, combining 5,000 paintings into one.

Some NFTs are expensive, while others are cheaper. You can find it on a web platform that allows artists to easily upload and sell their personal NFTs.

NFT Art Website
The NFT Art website is a platform that acts as a market or exchange on which NFTs are traded. This site allows artists to upload, sell, or buy NFT art to make a profit.

The most well-known website for this type of NFT is OpenSea. This is the oldest NFT art exchange in the crypto market.

The open ocean trading volume alone is about US $ 2.92 billion, or 42.05 trillion rupees, which is the largest trading volume compared to other exchanges. Open Sea allows artists to sell NFTs, from paintings to photographs to various types of abstract images.

See DappRadar for a complete list of combined NFT exchanges, as well as NFT art. Please note that this type of NFT exchange does not have its own coins or tokens. However, there are some exchange application websites that have their own tokens or coins.


Most NFT related projects run on multiple blocks, so NFT art projects usually don’t have their own blocks. However, NFT transactions are often carried out using coins or tokens from the block or network used by the exchange.

Examples are Open Sea, Crypto Punks, and Axie Infinity, where NFT transactions with Ethereum are used.

There is another NFT site under development, Degenerate Apes which runs on Solanart. Since this is Solana’s official NFT exchange, transactions are carried out using Solana (SOL), but many other tokens and coins also fall under the NFT category.

The full category of token and coin ratings associated with NFT can be found at the link below.

Investors can use the link to see the coins or tokens that investors have the most as additional data to analyze before buying.

How to Make NFT ART

Create a work of art

To create NFT art, artists can manually create their work and then create it with photos, or use digital art creation software. The main purpose of NFTs is to create digital works that can be converted to NFTs. Once they have their digital work files, artists can choose one of the exchanges. The most common exchanges and many buyers are the open ocean.

Open OpenSea and connect your wallet

Artists can access and click Create to connect their wallet.

The most commonly used wallet is MetaMask, but there are several other options. The purpose of connecting a wallet is to use an NFT and receive money when the NFT is sold.

Upload work file

The next step is to upload the artwork file and enter some data by following the steps outlined on the Opensea Exchange site.

Pay the publishing fee

The latter is to pay an issuance fee or monetary fee, which depends on the exchange and the volume of transactions at the time.

For OpenSea, the issuance fee is paid via Ethereum. It also depends on the current level of gas costs. After paying the fee, the user can issue the NFT and start selling.

OpenSea charges a commission of 2.5% of profits when sold. This fee depends on the exchange you use.

If you are familiar with this type of NFT, investors and artists can benefit from their published work and profit from their investment.

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