Ford introduced the Lincoln Star Electric SUV Concept as it is poised to add four new EVs by 2026.


Ford introduced the Lincoln Star Electric SUV Concept as it is poised to add four new EVs by 2026.

Detroit-Ford Motor plans to introduce four new electric vehicles to the Lincoln lineup by 2026 as the once dominant American luxury brand has been revived to focus on EVs.

Along with the announcement of a new EV concept called the Lincoln Star, the new vehicle was announced Wednesday night. According to company executives, this concept gives the brand a new design and technology direction.

As Lincoln enters the next chapter in its transition to a zero-emissions future, the Lincoln Star Concept will lead the way towards a complete electric vehicle portfolio,” said Lincoln President Joyfarotico in a release. “This is a great example of how to redefine luxury for the next generation to turn your car into a third space, a true sanctuary.

Lincoln Star crossover SUV with panoramic windows and sleek exterior design. Many vehicles have badges on their headlights instead of the traditional physical logo. The silhouette is like a Land Rover Range Rover SUV.

The interior in which the vehicle is located is very different from the current Lincoln line of vehicles. This includes a large navigator SUV and several US crossovers.

Like many of the new luxury cars on its rivals, the Star has a large instrument panel display and a retractable steering wheel that can be stowed away. The two front seats of the vehicle can be swiveled to face the rear seats, providing a lounge-like setting.

The star also has three “rejuvenating moods” that alter the audio, lighting, and even the smell of the car. The atmosphere is beach morning, warm vitality and cool afternoon.

Car manufacturers routinely use concept cars to gauge customer interest and indicate future directions for their vehicles and brands. Vehicles are not for sale to consumers.

The new Lincoln EV has the potential to give the brand the long-awaited boost. Lincoln estimates that EVs will account for more than half of global sales by mid-2010 and 90% of North American sales by 2030.

“Now is our moment,” Farotico told a news conference. “This is just the beginning of our electric journey.”

Outside of the big navigator SUV, the Lincoln hasn’t gained traction in the United States in recent years. The brand’s recent sales were around 112,000 units in 2019. Due to supply chain issues, sales fell to around 87,000 units last year.

Lincoln has been successful in China, but led the brand to report the world’s highest retail sales for the past 21 years. The brand’s retail sales were just under 190,000 units, an increase of about 7% compared to 2020.

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