Is that Kamikaze Drone can take down enemy drones with its own propeller



Is that Kamikaze Drone can take down enemy drones with its own propeller

Drones can be dangerous, and we’ve seen consumer drones being used for a variety of nefarious purposes. In 2018, several drone sightings disrupted travel plans for 140,000 travelers in London and have reportedly used drones to attack the US power grid over the past year. From simple and proven weapons, decentralized nets like DroneShield guns, ground-based drone net cannons to cooler and highly illegal items, to more creative solutions to get your drone out of the sky. There are many products. Signal scrambler. Lithuanian hacker Aleksey Zaitsevsky has another option with a prototype fast racing drone that can self-destruct by scattering a net and shooting down other drones using its own propeller.

This is one of the coolest designs we’ve seen for drone takedown technology, and has the added benefit of being potentially cheaper to implement; A good drone pilot can use two cameras to position the drone – the front facing camera can be used to locate the drone and the top camera can be used to position the net exactly where it is needed before each rotor is removed. to send nets to attack drones.

The great thing about building a defensive drone this way is that by using the racing drone component, the device can be pretty fast – as you’ll know if you’ve ever competed in a drone race – and load-carrying drones tend to be. slower and heavier. Drone Interceptors can easily capture and intercept other consumer drones. Once the rotor mesh is installed, the parachute will open and the bright orange drone will slowly float to the surface beeping for you to collect your brain and body for reuse at a later time.

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